Helping build vibrant faith communities globally.

Our work was borne out of a desire to help church planters and Canadian Christian leaders worldwide with spiritual and practical support for long-term success. We desire to help  church planters and Canadian Christian leaders from any Christian denomination.

Providence4Missions Reaches the World

The Challenge

There is a shortage of skilled church planters and Christian leaders around the world. Many struggle and require spiritual and practical support to serve successfully in leadership roles and be effective long-term.

Our Solutions

We provide training in person and over electronic platforms such as Zoom ™ where church planters and Canadian Christian leader can receive mentorship monthly from experienced leaders. This strategy enhances their skills and energizes their careers in support of better outcomes.

4 Ways we help

Mentorship with seasoned leaders to enhance skills in areas such as financial management, human resources and servant leadership.

Training in strategy, administration, finance and programs

Practical support for every day needs and for their family as well.

Small Investments Help

Small investments of money from Providence4Missions is one way we help church planters and Canadian Christian leaders to build sustainability for long term successful ministry. We don’t just give money away. We help with support, guidance and regular check-ins.

The impact is sustainable ministry for themselves, their family and their community. Join us today to help make a difference in a Christian leaders’ life for a better tomorrow — globally.